Social Media Marketing

The digital world has changed the way in which people are exposed to information and communication. My work is motivated by the power that Social Media can give to brands and consumers. Below showcases my work with two established brands in Birmingham, UK. 

Chocolate Heaven Cafe (2018)

Chocolate Heaven Cafe offers an innovative way of providing high quality Belgium Hot Chocolates. Their brand is motivated by unique product designs that caters individually to every customer. My goal as their Content Creator is to establish brand personality and customer engagement online and offline. 

Content Creator

As part of my final year research project in University, I was given the opportunity to learn and put in practice my editing techniques for an start-up business. For this brand, my role was to manage social pages and interactions as well as creating curated content through online videos and photography

In a space of a month, I was able to gain a following of 600 Facebook Users and over 5000 post engagements through organic reach. Video Views have reached over 3.4k views since the brand launched in March 2018. 

Caffe Chino

I worked alongside established cafe in Chinatown, called Caffe Chino who were celebrating their 10th year anniversary. The purpose of my work was to update their website with a promotional video that shows their catered hospitality. 

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